Bedrooms & Bathrooms

A bold and rustic door made from 300-year-olde Maine pine makes a unique and impressive bedroom or bathroom entrance.


Deirdre in Braintree

Deirdre wanted two doors to divide the space leading to the master bath in her Braintree home. This 100-year-olde gray wood makes up two doors that were each less than 30 inches wide and represents one of the few times The Barndoorist has coated wood with Teak Oil. But the look fit perfectly with her modern interior space and serves as a beautiful showcase for the room. 

Lucia in Abington

Lucia in Abington wanted to have a bathroom door that saved space in the narrow hallway of her new apartment. The bold and rustic door is made from 300-year-olde Maine pine and uses large "U" shaped wheel hangers: notice the "sides" The Barndoorist added to the edges of the door so as to mitigate the gap between the door and the trim around the bathroom entry. This is a feature commonly implemented when constructing doors for more private rooms.